Shelving & Storage Products

Cre8-a-Space offers a range of shelving and storage products and solutions.

We are here to provide a full turn-key solution. Together we will spec out the right solution for your project and then supply and fit according to the best industry standards. Some of the products and solutions we provide include: 

Mezzanine floors, walkways, platforms, cat ladder’s, staircase’s & landings:

Structural freestanding loading platforms for additional storage space (where head room in existing premises allows), customised to your business’s exact storage requirements. So before you consider renting or buying additional / new premises consider using your space above at a fraction of the long term costs and limited inconvenience to your daily business operational duties.

Mobile & commercial shelving, industrial bolted shelving & Gondola shelving.

Whether you need X-tra space in the office for your files and boxes, X-tra space for small parts and consumables in your stores or warehouse (stainless steel option available for the food & beverage industry and where hygiene and corrosion are a factor), or shelving in your shop, supermarket or retail outlet, we offer the entire range, that’s right the entire range, with a variety of accessories to customise the system to you exact requirements.

Cantilever racking.

Do you have long lengths of timber, plastic extrusions and pipes, steel sections, cable reels or rolls of material that need a place to Live, then allow us to sort this head-ache out with our range of cantilever racks, made from structural steel sections for heavy applications or light formed sections for light and medium applications, available with fixed arm positions or adjustable arm positions, we know we can give your product the Home that it deserves.

Industrial Racking.

Have you run out of pallet storage space in you warehouse? Allow us to provide you with a solution to Cre8 your additional storage space. With a variety of conventional and high density pallet storage solutions ranging from Adjustable pallet racking, Drive in racking, Carton flow, Pallet live storage and Push back racking, we know that we are well equipped to help You fix your storage mess!

Warehouse protection

Don’t forget our range of Warehouse protection that we offer, to help protect the systems that you have invested in to make your warehouse run at optimal levels.

Specialised Fabrication.

From dump bins to stackable steel pallets, gravity conveyor systems, special work benches, customised materials handling trolleys to All light to medium structural fabrication. If it’s made from mild steel and it can be made talk to us, we will be able to help You and make it happen!

Contact and find out how we can help fit your space

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