Google is the bouncer at the club and he only lets in people he likes and trusts.

If you not ‘cool’ you stay at the back of the line…


Google is the 800 pound Gorilla who guards the doors… so the question is: how do you impress the Gorilla? 

To impress the Google it’s important to understand where Google is coming from. Every business website and also directory websites (such as want to be on the first page or at the least somewhere on the first three pages. So even for the most basic search terms there are hundreds of websites that want to be on top. How does Google decide who to let on and in what order?

The ‘Gorilla’ wants to see who is the most trustworthy and credible. That’s it… nothing more.


Then the question becomes how do you show Google you can be trusted?

Google does a few things at once. He looks firstly at how many other places on the internet your business is mentioned. If you are a professional like a Doctor then do you have a listing on all the major medical directories such as

Is your business or professional brand listed on all the major directories such as Yellowpages & Brabys? 

If you are not listed on those directories then Google has no idea who you are… simple. And he is not going to like or trust you very much. 

Next Google checks if your information is consistent across your website and all the directories that you are listed in. Very importantly this means:

Is your Name, Address and Phone number the same on every place your business is listed, including your own website. 

If your information is not consistent then Google thinks something is up… The 800 pound Gorilla thinks twice. It’s like introducing yourself by a different name to different people… nobody trusts somebody who would do that right?


Is your name on the invitation list?

Does your business have a ‘Google My Business’ listing? Having your business listed with Google is almost the same as having your name on the invitation. If you don’t have one… get one.

If you see that you do have one already then make sure you claim it and add your website address. Remember to keep your business info CONSISTENT on the listing. 


The biggest thing you can do is try get other existing websites to link to your website.

Google LOVES seeing that other people are linking to your website. If you have a good relationship with any suppliers or friends in similar industries then ask them to backlink to your website. This shows Google like nothing else that you can be trusted. It’s social proof to the Gorilla that other people like you, so you must be popular and ‘COOL’. 



If you have any questions about this please drop me a mail anytime. 

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